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Relax Cancon, say viewers
by: May 10, 2010 Print

Canadians are fairly blasť about the often-contested Cancon broadcast requirements, with over half saying that too much is being made of the issue, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

The study says 53% of Canadians think "we should stop worrying about and imposing Canadian content rules on the TV industry." Instead, there should be more focus on creating good entertainment that anyone will tune in to, the poll finds. Canadian TV stations are currently required to broadcast 60% Canadian content in order to maintain their licence to operate.

On the flipside, 47% of Canucks say they "value and care about having more Canadian content made because it fosters our national culture." The poll shows those who are more inclined to want more Cancon include university-educated Canadians (68%), and those living in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

Canucks in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and B.C. are more likely to feel that Cancon rules should be relaxed.

The study finds two in three Canadians believe that the amount of homegrown programming accessible through broadcasters such as CBC, CTV and Citytv is "fairly balanced," while 28% say there's not enough.

The poll was conducted in April and sampled 1,024 adults.



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